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Web-Based Portal

The web-based portal provides access to session details, scheduling information, insurance authorizations, uploaded documents and forms, periods of unavailability, and much more. The portal securely accesses a limited set of information, which balances the need for access with the need for security and privacy. Parents and guardians can see past, current, and future sessions without delay.

Today's Sessions

View the current day's sessions on the customized dashboard

This Week's Sessions

View all sessions for the current week on the dashboard or in a report, which can be printed or emailed directly from the portal

And much more

View insurance authorizations, parent and guardian contact information, detailed session and schedule information, documents and forms, and much more

Text-Based Schedule Service

Send a text to our scheduling service to instantly receive information about upcoming sessions. The text service securely accesses client and provider information to give you immediate answers to your question. The list of individuals who can access information for a client can be viewed and changed at any time.

Today or Tomorrow's Sessions

View the scheduled sessions for the current or next day

Sessions for the Week

View all sessions for the last, current, or next week by specifying the time period

Prevent Unauthorized Access

If a request is received by an authorized number, no information will be displayed