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Our company culture is the foundation of our clients' success.

Happy People

Our philosophy is simple - treat people well and they will enjoy their careers. People who enjoy their careers have a bigger impact on others, which means our clients are more successful as a result. We provide as many benefits as possible to our team to make sure they feel supported. The work we do is important at multiple levels and we feel that our best chance to make a lasting difference is to start with our own team.


We treat people the way we want to be treated. It's common for behavior therapists to be part-time workers, which saves the company money, but that's not the way we do business. We hire behavior therapists as full-time employees because, frankly, they deserve it. Giving them great benefits, paid time off, and reimbursements is one of the many ways we strive to show our employees the respect they earn by treating their clients well.

Team Building

Throughout the course of the year, there are four team-building events to bring everyone together. A team that has a strong foundation, which is built on trust and mutual respect, is the fundamental ingredient in our overall approach to Applied Behavior Analysis. What better way is there to build trust than to race your teammates in a go-cart or to feed, bathe, and love animals at the Humane Society? Team-building activities provide amazing opportunities to build relationships with the people around you and we believe it makes a difference for both our team members and clients.

Continuing Education

Part of being successful as an Applied Behavior Analysis company is to remain educated as new research is provided to the behavior analytics community. All team members are given opportunities on a regular basis to learn about current research. Behavior therapists receive training on a continual basis from the behavior analysts, which is both empowering for the behavior therapist and critically important for the client. When the whole team is aligned, everyone has the best chance of success.


We are proud of the benefits package that we are able to offer to our team.

22 Days of Paid Time Off

7 holidays and 15 personal days with plenty of flexibility.

Medical Insurance

We pay 60% of your cost

Dental Insurance

We pay 100% of your cost

Vision Insurance

We pay 100% of your cost

Life Insurance

We pay 100% of your cost

Short Term Disability

We pay 100% of your cost

Cell Phone Reimbursement

We pay up to $30 per month for your cell phone.

Streaming Service Reimbursement

We pay up to $10 per month for the streaming service of your choice.

Wellness Reimbursement

Join a gym and send us the bill for up to $50 per month.

Retirement Plan (Coming Soon)

We will match up to 4% in a 401k plan with no vesting period.

Company Credit Card

$200 monthly fuel allowance for traveling positions

Open Positions

  • Registered Behavior Therapist

  • Administrative Assistant